Landscapes, hillside farms, and townscapes can be found alongside Cape May scenery and seasonal subject matter. Work in watercolor, oil and pastel.

Collectors, art lovers and students interested in the history of Pennsylvania art should have David Frame near the top of their list of active working fine artists. To place him at the very top of that list is certainly worth arguing.

David demonstrates exemplary command of color, form and mood. A feverish art student, he blends Asian, Abstract, Traditional and Printing techniques in his work.

An admirer of dance to display the human form, David has captured the ballet dancer as no one else. A fine portrait artist, we are proud to offer several of his personal favorites.

A master colorist with his own personal impressionistic style, David's florals take advantage of his skill as a painter as well as a designer.

No other artist has centered on this classic historical town. David coined the phrase, "Doylestown, An American Classic" and his paintings reveal the architecture, friendliness and setting that make it true.

MONOPRINTS -- Individual hand inked lithographs created by painting the image (in reverse) on a flat stone or sheet of glass. After inking, the paper is pressed onto the inked surface. Each individual monoprint is unlike any other.

ABSTRACT -- David has long been involved in abstract expressionism. Working in collage, action painting and other techniques he demonstrates the power of color, scale, shape and contrast in raw form.

BLACK AND WHITE -- Inspired by the technique of Jackson Pollock, David explored whether it could be used to create representation subjects (figures, structures...) The stunning results speak for themselves.