MARDI GRAS SERIES No computers. No software. This is traditional media blended with photography. The results are impressive and captivating merging abstraction and form. It also reveals an artist who makes painstaking color decisions. This work also showcases David's rare ability to create drama in an image -- you can see it is work he clearly enjoyed doing -- a feature seldom seen in today's art. SEE MORE OF THIS WORK >>

Black and White Action Painting
Using viscous ink carefully modified to achieve the perfect flow and consistency, David works above the paper allowing the ink to drip onto the surface. Unlike the random abstraction of Pollock, David creates representational subjects with this method. The results are vibrant, highly energetic images that are extraordinarily unique. SEE MORE >>

The Cafe
Throughout David Frame's work, you will see that he enjoys the informality of the cafe. Both urban and rural cafes provide inspiration, but the array of characters that one finds in the urban cafe seems to have special appeal. SEE MORE >>

Form & Counterform
Most people who know David Frame would call him an artist. And that is certainly true, but like many great artists, he is as much designer as artist. His ability to balance form and counterform as shown here is central to all of his work regardless of media. Examine the work and you will discover careful porportions, color balance, contrast, and angular relationships. SEE MORE >>